What’s good my friend ? it’s all gravy here in my reality. Perspective, ay? Things have been a good kind of insane here lately. Earlier this year I was featured in the UK Daily Mail and I didn’t post that for unknown reasons. If you wanted to read up on that article, here it is below:


I was hesitant about accepting the offer to be featured in another country’s news. I figured though, at the end of the day, it’s not up to me to limit how God is utilizing this second chance He granted me.

Another rad opportunity I was given a few months back was to travel out to Lake Mary, Florida and do a TV interview with Barbara Beck on Good Life 45. The coolest part was being able to connect with like-minded people and hopefully help somebody else find hope in their own circumstances. I’ve yet to meet somebody in this life that is not struggling. For whatever reason, that’s just how it has to be right now. I do believe though, whatever is coming next, is going to blow our minds. You can watch the interview below:



Melissa Ann


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  1. Eric S pierson 3 years ago April 5, 2019

    Girl. I just saw you speak, I will pray for u every day u really touched my heart, kisses .. may God bless u each an every day


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